Fire Safety

Fire Safety Guidance

  • Leave area by exit route
  • Close doors as you go
  • Evacuate away from building
  • Call 412-624-2121 (from a safe area)
COVID-19 Emergency Evacuation Guidance and Information as of July 13, 2020

The following pertains to any unexpected emergency alarm requiring evacuation from the building. First and foremost is protecting your life. Remain calm and EVACUATE. Social distancing signage is temporary. Follow EXIT signs and use stairs.

If you are not in immediate danger, locate and don a face covering prior to evacuation; and maintain a 6 foot distance from others as much as possible during evacuation. Proceed to the short term assembly area, and remain there (while maintaining a 6 foot distance from others) until emergency responders indicate that the building is safe for reentry. Upon reentry, it is encouraged that occupants utilize the stairs (when possible) to avoid overloading an elevator.

Faculty, staff and students who are not capable of complying with the evacuation procedures, or who may have special needs or recognized disabilities should contact EH&S for development of an Individual Evacuation Plan. Copies of these plans are maintained with Pitt Police for use by emergency responders.

  • Do not use elevators during emergencies.
  • Keep stairwells, corridors, and exits clear.
  • Do not wedge fire doors open.

Section II of the University Safety Manual addresses Pitt's fire safety policies and procedures.

Fire poses the greatest potential for loss at Pitt. EH&S provides guidance in:

  • Fire prevention
  • Emergency evacuation plans and drills
  • Person-specific evacuation plans (special needs)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Residence hall fall safety
  • Storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids