Animal Associated Injury

Medical Emergency: If the injury requires immediate medical attention, call 412-624-2121.
All animal associated injuries should be reported. Call 1-800-633-1197 to report (24/7).
  1.  Immediately wash and rinse the wound with soap and water. Apply pressure if necessary to control bleeding.
    1.  If the injury involves mucous membranes (eye, nose and/or mouth), flush with water for 15 minutes at eyewash station or other potable water source.
    2.  Notify and/or request assistance from co-workers.

  2.  Report the incident to your immediate supervisor. The supervisor will notify the medical treatment facility indicated below.

  3.  Proceed to the designated medical treatment facility.
    1.  In the event of minor injury (i.e. penetrating wound, small laceration, etc.), report to Employee Health Services, MyHealth@ Work for the University of Pittsburgh, Medical Arts Building, Suite 500.59, 3708 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213, phone 412-647-4949. Clinic Hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 AM-3:30 PM.
    2.  After MyHealth@ Work clinic hours, report to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Department, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh PA 15213, phone 412-647-3333.
    3.  In the event of serious or life-threatening injury (e.g. massive bleeding, loss of consciousness, inability to breathe), report to the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Department. Call Campus Police 412 624-2121 on the Oakland Campus or dial 911, off-campus, for emergency medical transport.
    4. In the event of non-human primate related injury, please refer to the protocol “Injuries Associated with Non-Human Primates” posted in applicable areas. Contact your supervisor and initiate approved procedure immediately. Also contact DLAR veterinarians; 412-648-8950 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM; (412) 624-VETS (8387) (answering service) after hours.