Injuries on the Pittsburgh Campus

Medical Emergency: If the injury requires immediate attention, call 412-624-2121

Injuries have specific reporting requirements and treatment sites based on the type of injury.

Staff and Faculty Injuries

In case of a work-related injury:

  1. Immediately report all on-the job injuries or illnesses to your supervisor.
  2. For emergency medical care, CALL 412-624-2121
  3. A. For work-related injury or illness, you must obtain medical treatment from one of the health care providers designated by the Workers Compensation Office; visit for a listing of providers.
  1. ​B. For on-the-job injuries involving animals or bloodborne pathogen exposure, it is advisable to obtain prompt medical treatment from:


Monday-Friday 7AM - 3:30 PM:
MyHealth@Work - Employee Health
3708 Fifth Ave
Medical Arts Bldg, Ste 505
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Non-Clinic Hours:
UPMC Presbyterian Emergency Dept
200 Lothrop St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-647-3333 (hospital)
412-647-2121 (emergency)

If you believe you have symptoms indicative of COVID-19, or if you believe you have had close contact with someone that has COVID-19, please call MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949 prior to coming to the MyHealth@Work - Employee Health clinic.

  1. C. Non-emergency medical care can be obtained on campus from:
Concentra Medical Center
120 Lytton Avenue, Suite 275
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  1. After treatment, report all on the job injuries to 1-800-633-1197

Student Injuries

If emergency medical attention is needed (or requested by the injured student) immediately call Pitt Police at 412-624-2121.

For non-emergency medical attention, escort injured student to:

   Student Health Services
   Nordenberg Hall
   119 University Place

Faculty and staff should consult EH&S SOP: Faculty and Staff Response to Student Injury for reporting requirements.