Animal Research

Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (AESP)

Enrollment in the Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (AESP) is mandatory for all animal users. The AESP is utilized to identify and enroll animal users in preventive medicine programs and to provide occupational health information related to the use and care of animals at the University.

For all individuals who have enrolled or are scheduled to enroll in this program, EH&S wants to reassure you that your medical information will be handled with the strictest confidence and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Of 1996 (HIPAA). Your personal and medical information will only be available to those clinical-care providers in Employee Health Services with a need to know.


Pitt employees and Student-Employees are required submit their AESP through the on-line form. 

New Pitt Employees: Submitting your AESP enrollment form prior to your hire date may delay the processing of your form.

1) Read the AESP Pre-Placement Packet:  AESP Program Description (PDF)

2) Complete the Initial Exposure Risk Form: Exposure Risk Form

In order to perform an accurate health risk assessment, this Inital Exposure Risk Form should be filled out with your supervisor or PI. Submit a completed signed copy in person to, or faxed to MyHealth@Work.

3) Complete Initial Health Questionnaire Online Form: AESP Health Questionnaire

Pitt Employee Numbers are required to complete this form. Employee Numbers can be found on pay slips through the Pitt Worx system.


Students and Non-Employees of Pitt are required to submit their AESP on paper. Please follow the steps below:

1) Read the AESP Pre-Placement Packet: AESP Program Description (PDF)

2) Complete the Initial Exposure Risk Form: Exposure Risk Form(PDF)

In order to perform an accurate risk assessment, this initial Exposure Risk form should be filled out with your supervisor or PI. 

3) Complete Initial Health Questionnaire Form: AESP Health Questionnaire (PDF)

4) Submit your completed forms either in-person to MyHealth@Work or by fax to MyHealth@Work as indicated on the forms.  


AESP Registration Update - Online Form 

AESP registration is required to be updated at a minimum of every 3 years and/or updated upon any significant change in health status or changes in animal species exposure. " For questions or assistance, contact

Other Medical Surveillance for Animal Users

Tuberculin Skin Test Info and Consent Form 

PDF form to be faxed to MyHealth@Work

BSL-3 Worker Health Screening  -  Online Questionnaire 

All employees assigned to work in a Biosafety Level 3 area will be evaluated prior to approval to work in the Biosafety Level 3 laboratory

BSL-3 Worker Annual Health Screening Update -  Online Form 

Annual medical update for BSL-3 Workers


Injuries Involving Animals Or Occurring In An Animal Facility

If the on-the-job injury involves an animal or occurs in an animal facility:

Animal Associated Injuries
Non-Human Primate Associated Injuries