Hazard Communication

Pitt's Hazard Communication Program provides information to faculty, staff, and students on the hazards of chemicals and appropriate protective measures.

The information is communicated with:

  • Labels (all containers must be labeled to identify contents).
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) list chemical compositions, hazards, and precautions for each chemical or product.  
  • Chemical Inventories
  • Chemical Hygiene training to be completed every three years

If you suspect you may be exposed to chemicals, contact your supervisor.

Online SDS/MSDS Search Toolhttps://pitt.scishield.com/ (log in required with Pitt credentials)

GlossaryPitt Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Glossary

SOP: University of Pittsburgh Hazard Communication Program (PDF)

Training: Employeees must attend a live training for the initial training session. Visit the Hazard Communications Training page for training options and details.