Online COVID-19 Educational Resources

What is COVID-19, why do I need a face covering, and how can I protect myself and others?

What is COVID-19 and how can I protect myself and others?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the following short video (~1.5 minutes) that provides an overview of COVID-19, how it spreads, and steps to prevent spread (  Another ~30 second video from the WHO shows the seven steps that we can all take to prevent spread of COVID-19 (

UPMC COVID-19 Videos:

Our colleagues from UPMC have created a series of short informational videos to answer common COVID-19 questions and provide advice for protecting yourself and others.

  •  Dr. John Williams, MD, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh describes how COVID-19 can be spread between close contacts.
  • Dr. Joe Suyama, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine Services, UPMC Magee Womens Hospital provides information about COVID-19 disease, why wearing a face covering in public is importants, and how to prepare and keep yourself and others protected while out in public.

How to put on, use, and take off cloth face coverings:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), WHO, and other groups have developed posters and graphics to show how to use cloth face coverings properly.

Wearing and Safely Removing Gloves: