Pandemic Safety Ambassador Roster

Department Ambassador Name
Admissions & Financial Aid Brueggman, Heather
Admissions & Financial Aid Dunklin, Peggie
Admissions & Financial Aid Howe, Heather
Admissions & Financial Aid McCready, Randy
Admissions & Financial Aid Mowrey, Alex
Aging Institute Stump, Dan
Athletics Meyers, Wendy
Athletics Stumpp, Katie
Athletics Tuscano, Jen
BAS - Card and Gift Shop Sotirokos, Meagan
BAS - Housing Administration Beaman, Joseph
BAS - The Pitt Shop Skumburdes, Suzanne
BAS - University Store Zahradnik, John
Bioengineering Department Rodzwicz, Lindsay
Biological Sciences and Neuroscience Rago, Lynn Martin
Center for Research Computing Connelly, Brian
Center for Social and Urban Research Keene, Robert
Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Yasko. Laurel 
Community & Governmental Relations Williams, James
Dental Medicine Azarbal, Arousa
Dental Medicine Grafton, Sarah
Dental Medicine Sfeir, Charles
Dental Medicine Smith, Anthony
Dental Medicine Zeigler, Kristen
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Biological Sciences Rosenbaum, Joel
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry Saxena, Sunil
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry Conroy, Mary Beth
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry Nigro, L. Evon
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Geology & Environmental Science Bain, Daniel
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - History of Art & Architecture Josten, Jennifer
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics Wang, Dehua
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Music Rosenblum, Matthew
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Neuroscience Meriney, Steve
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Cunningham, Patrick
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Griffin, James
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Howard, Linda
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Leibovich, Adam
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean McKain, Jeremiah
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Montag, Michele
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean Romick, Matthew
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy Shaw, James
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Physics & Astronomy Kosowsky, Arthur
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Psychology Fiez, Julie
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Statistics Iyengar, Satish
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences - Studio Arts Thomas, Lenore
Disability Resources and Services Culley, Leigh
ECO-Educ & Compliance Office Dornin Koss, Kelly
Economic Partnerships Kilp, Wendy
Education, Posvar Hall used by SOE employees Latshaw, Gregory
Education, Posvar Hall used by SOE employees Morgan, Sarah
Education, Trees Hall Kenia, Kyle
Educational Technology and Innovation Martin, Liza
EDUC-Dean's Office Woods, Rochelle
EDUC-Office of Child Development Casino, Denise
EDUC-Office of Child Development (400 N Lexington St 15208) Dick, Doris
EH&S Slagel, Susan
ENGR-Industrial Engineering Allison, Elizabeth
ENGR-Information Technology Doty, J. Kenneth
ENGR-Research Grants Ilchuk, Danielle
ENGR-Swanson School of Engineering Shannon, Schohn
Facilities Management Santa, William
Falk Laboratory School Ferchak, Deanna
Greensburg - Facilities Management Bleehash, Joe
Greensburg - Human Resources Koleny, Mary Anne
GSPH Ayyavoo, Velpandi
GSPH Lawrence, Elizabeth
GSPIA Rodgers, Jillian
Health and Community Systems Schlenk, Elizabeth
Health Promotion and Development Deslouches, Sandra
Health Sciences Burns, Lori 
Health Sciences Cerilli, Jamie
Health Sciences Haberman, Jennifer
Health Sciences Keys, Chris
Health Sciences Madden, William
Health Sciences Pozycki, Rachel
Health Sciences Library System Galvanek, Paul
Health Sciences Library System Merlina, Mary Gail
Hillman Library Chmielewski, Joseph
Hillman Library Haas, Jeanann
Hillman Library Jerin, Noreen
History of Art & Architecture and the Architectural Studies Program Armstrong, Drew
Honors College Billingsley, Karen
Housing - UClub Holmes, Adrianne
Innovation Institute Crawford, Carla
Innovation Institute Howard, Emily
Innovation Institute Malandro, Jessica
Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Kennelly-Cook, Theresa
Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Scholtz, Lauren
Institute of Politics Ruvolo, David
Internal Audit Culley, Doreen
Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration Guzewicz, Greg
Law Driscoll, LuAnn
LifeX Magazine, Kim
LRDC Compitello, Peter
LRDC Coutanche, Marc
LRDC Davison, Kyle
LRDC Durisko, Corrine
LRDC Laird, Margaret
LRDC Laughlin, Michael
LRDC Taliani, Anthony
Mathematics and Statistics Miller, Carol Sue
Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs Burns, Vincent
Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs Gladfelter, Rhonda
Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs Randolph, Andrea
Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs Stevens, Jessica
Medicine Bonetti, Cynthia
MED-Anesthesiology and Perioperative Med Branik, Jennifer
MED-Anesthesiology and Perioperative Med Hirsch, Sandra
MED-Anesthesiology and Perioperative Med (Clinical Trials Program) Hunn, Carol 
MED-Immunology Carter, Melinda
MED-Immunology Grabowski, Chris
MED-Immunology Vignali, Kate
MED-Pediatrics Groscost, David
MED-Pediatrics Klei, Linda
MED-Pediatrics Lodovico, Matthew
Med-STI Cihil, Kristine
MED-Structural Biology Duncan, Dean
MED-Surgery and  Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Med Walker, Mary
NURS-Acute and Tertiary Care Blazeck, Alice
NURS-Nurse Anesthesia Goode, Joe
NURS-Office of the Dean Dunbar-Jacob, Jacqueline
NURS-Research and Education Kennedy, Kathleen
NURS-Research and Education Sereika, Susan
NURS-Skills and Simulation Labs Sellitto, Karen
Office of Human Resources Nordenberg, Michael
Office of Research Protections Coldren, Angela
Office of Sponsored Programs Banks, Tammeka
Office of Sponsored Programs Kingsley, Laura
Office of the Chancellor Constantino, Leo
Office of the Chancellor Race, Mary Jo
Office of the Dean (Nursing)  Hengstenberg, Nancy
Office of the Provost and SVC Bowser, Jordan
Office of the Provost and SVC King, Peggy
Office of the Provost and SVC McCloskey, Denise
Office of the Registrar Coyne, Sharon
Office of the SVC and CFO Pelt, Cyndee
Office of Former Executives Penkrot, Melissa
Office of Trade Compliance DiPalma, Allen
Office of University Communications Balderson, Michael
Office of University Counsel Seng, Jennifer
Office-Technology Management Latini, Sandra
PAE-Alumni Relations Antolic, Rick
PAE-Alumni Relations Johnson, Marcie
PAE-Alumni Relations Martin, Diane
PAE-Annual Programs Nootbaar, Mark
PAE-Annual Programs O'Brien, Mike
PAE-Health Sciences Glover, Aleesha
PAE-Health Sciences Smith, Marcia
PAE-Operations & Quality Admin Graham, Katherine
PAE-Operations & Quality Admin McGlynn, Kate
PAE-University Development Ferich, Cynthia
PAE-University Development Munroe, Amanda
Panther Central Barker, Mike
Panther Central Kardell, James
Panther Central Rode, Richard
Panther Central Yoke, Rachel
Parking & Transportation Pearson, Jonathan
PDRE McConnell, Lauren
Pharmacy Chamberlain, Michele
Pharmacy Johnston, Paul
Physics & Astronomy / Geology & Environmental Science Niznik, Cynthia
Pitt IT Client Services Strope, Paul Bryan
Pitt IT Operations Valles, Raul
Planning and Design Administration McConnell, Lauren
Policy Development and Management Houser, Sarah
Psychology Sampson, Bonnie Joyce
Public Safety and Emergency Management Torquato, Tina
SCI-Computing and Information Biagini, Mary Kay
SCI-Computing and Information Bindas, Sharon
SCI-Computing and Information Childers, Bruce
SCI-Computing and Information Day, Debbie
SCI-Computing and Information Nicola-Stephan, Oana
SCI-Computing and Information Shields, Don
SHRS-CSD Belardi, Katherine
SHRS-CSD Sayce, Leanne
SHRS-Dept of Sports Medicine and Nutrition Ganjoo, Umeka
SHRS-EM Program Arredondo, Elizabeth 
SHRS-HIM Devlin, Mary Elaine
SHRS-NMRL Martin, Brian
SHRS-OT Jackson, Christine
SHRS-OT Leaf, Robin
SHRS-OT Waterstram, Laura
SHRS-Physician Assistant Studies Beck, David
SHRS-Physician Assistant Studies Brasacchio, Aileen
SHRS-PT Lagana, Lauren
SHRS-PT Wert, David
SHRS-PT Wortman, David
SHRS-PT-Anatomy Lab Chuang, Wei-Neng
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech Fisher, Daniel
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech Phillips, Olivia
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech Platt, Thomas
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech Schein, Michelle
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech-EM Zavalydriga, Antoinette
SHRS-Rehab Sci & Tech-HERL Koontz, Alicia
Social Work Rauktis, Marybeth
Social Work Soltesz, Megan M
Student Affairs Hamluk, Brian
Student Affairs / Student Life Mares, Dianne
Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Fellows, Jennifer
SVC Engagement Service, Amy
SVC Engagement - Heinz Chapel Sebolt, Karen
SVC Engagement - Heinz Chapel Kurtik, Frank
SVC Research Bayer, Neil
SVC Research Korbich, Stephen
SVC Research Manges, Shari
SVC Research Merz, Nancy
SVC/CFO - CL Floors 17, 18, 24, 30, 31, 33, 34 Czerniejewski, Stacey
SVC/CFO - CL Floors 17, 18, 24, 30, 31, 33, 34 Dehler, Mary
SVC/CFO - Office of Finance and Treasury Doran, Lori
SVC/CFO - Payroll Murray, Tammy
SVC/CFO - Student Financial Srvcs - Ground & 1st FL Stumme, Joann
SVC/CFO - TAX, FRS, Payment Processing Jones, Stephanie
SVC/CFO - TAX, FRS, Payment Processing Starke, Kevin
Telecommunications Peterson, John
Tress Hall and spaces used by programs in RC 57 McLaughlin, Kevin
UCDC Mcculloch, Mary Beth
UCDC Wincovitch, Jamie
UCIS Ludovico, Steve
UCIS Terensky, Josephine
ULS - Bradford Frank, Marietta
ULS - Bradford Nussbaum, Katherine
ULS - Chemistry/Langley Libraries Bower, Margarete
ULS - Chemistry/Langley Libraries Povazan Scholnick, Laurel Ann
ULS - Engineering Library Brink, Judith
ULS - Engineering Library Doolittle, Alice
ULS - Frick Fine Arts Library Jones, Kiana
ULS - Frick Fine Arts Library Joranson, Kathryn
ULS - Greensburg Vikartosky, James
ULS - Greensburg Wider, Eve
ULS - Johnstown Egler, Peter
ULS - Johnstown Voelker, Laurie
ULS - Music Library Cassaro, James
ULS - Music Library Pena, Carlos
ULS - Science Libraries Quinn, Sarah
ULS - Thomas Boulevard (LCSU) Brooks, Laura
ULS - Titusville Lucas, Ann
ULS - Titusville Ross, Marc
University Ctr for Teaching and Learning Russin, Elana
University Press O’Malley, Eileen
UPB Tanner, Patrick 
UPJ Beener, Robert
UPJ Clawson, Kathleen
UPJ Devett, Kelly
UPJ Gearhart, Abby
UPJ Heller, Dennis
UPJ Kwon, Elson
UPJ Peruso, Shelley
UPJ Reed, Amanda
UPJ Shaffer, Todd
UPJ Ziats, John

Last updated 09/03/2021