Pitt EH&S N95 Guidance

The University is providing surgical masks and N95 masks for use as an enhanced face covering during the pandemic. Pitt affiliates can request a surgical mask or an N95 mask at any building Concierge Station listed below. 

N95 masks fit more tightly than cloth face masks. This feature can make breathing more difficult for certain individuals.  If you experience breathing difficulty wearing an N95 mask, it is suggested that you wear a surgical mask or other mask with a snug fit. 

N95 masks used as a face covering can be safely re-used if they are not excessively contaminated or wet. N95s should retain protective qualities for five work shifts (or longer depending on the conditions where the N95 is worn).  Replace the N95 when it shows signs of wear, becomes dirty or becomes excessively wet.  

N95 masks and all other face covering should be protected from damage and contamination between uses.  It is recommended that N95 masks be stored in a paper bag between uses.  

For more guidance on the selection of a mask refer to the University’s Frequently Asked Questions about Face Coverings.

Concierge Station Locations

Masks are available at the following University concierge stations:

Alumni Hall 
Bellefield Hall 
Benedum Hall 
Cathedral of Learning 
Chevron Science Center 
Clapp Hall 
Crawford Hall 
David Lawrence Hall
Forbes Tower  
Frick Fine Arts 
Information Science Building 
Langley Hall 
Mervis Hall 
Music Building 
O’Hara Student Center 
Posvar Hall 
Salk Hall Pavilion 
Sennott Square 
Public Health Building
Space Research Center
Thackeray Hall 
University Club
Victoria Hall 
Hillman Library 
William Pitt Union