Safety Manual


0 - 9

3D Printer Guidelines (EHS 03-025)


Access to Restricted Areas (EHS 01-010)
AEDs - Automated External Defibrillators (EHS 01-017)
Aerosol Container Disposal (EHS 04-023)
Ammonia, Safe Use of (EHS 04-030)
Anesthetic Gas (EHS 04-013)
Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (EHS 03-008)
Animal Users Health and Safety Information for (EHS 03-009)
Anthrax SOP (EHS 05-022)
Asbestos (EHS 01-007)
Azides, Safe Handling of, Guidelines (EHS 04-028)


Battery, Lithium-Ion (EHS 02-009)
Battery, Lithium-Ion/ Cell Shipping (EHS 03-027)
Biosafety - Responsibility and Resources (EHS 05-002)
Biosafety Guidelines and Biosafety Levels (EHS 05-003)
Biological Safety Cabinets (EHS 05-004)
Biohazardous and Infectious Waste Disposal (EHS 05-006)
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (EHS 05-001)
BSL-3 Areas - Use of Tools/Equipment (EHS 05-018)
BSL-3 Workers - Occupational Health Program (EHS 05-023)


Carbon Monoxide Usage in Laboratories (EHS 04-014)
Carcinogens (EHS 04-008)
Chemical Exposures, Controlling in Laboratories (EHS 04-005)
Chemical Storage Compatibility Groups (EHS 04-025)
Chemical Fume Hoods (EHS 04-005)
Chemical Hygiene Plan (EHS 04-001)
Chemicals in Powdered Form (EHS 04-022)
Chemical Relocation Guidelines (EHS 04-017)
Chemical Syringes, Safe Use of, Guidelines (EHS 04-015)
Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines (04-018)
Chemicals - Unknown (EHS 04-032)
Chemotherapeutic-Antineoplastic Waste Disposal (EHS 03-013)
Combustible Metals (EHS 02-005)
Compressed Gas Cylinders (EHS 03-012)
Construction Projects Waste Handling (EHS 01-023)
Contact Lenses in the Laboratory (EHS 03-023)
Cranes, Hoists, and Slings, Use of (EHS 01-019)
Cyanide Storage (EHS 04-029)
Cryogens (EHS 03-006)


Disposal of Chemical Waste Guidelines (EHS 04-018)
Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers (EHS 04-019)
Disposal of Flammable Liquid Guidelines (EHS 04-020)
Dry Ice Safety (EHS 04-036)
Dry Sink Traps (EHS 03-010)



Emergency Information (EHS 01-002)
Environmental Rooms (EHS 03-024)
Ergonomics (EHS 01-008)
Electrical Equipment in Laboratories (EHS 03-016)
Electrical Safety (EHS 01-014)
Ethidium Bromide Disposal (EHS 03-015)


Fine Arts, Studio Arts & Printing Operations (EHS 01-012)
Fire Alarm Fire Protection Outage Procedures (EHS 02-006)
Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EHS 02-001)
Fire Safety and Fire Prevention (EHS 02-002)
Flammable and Combustible Liquids (EHS 02-003)
Flammable and Pyrophoric Gas (EHS 02-004)
Flammable Liquid Disposal Guidelines (EHS 04-020)
Formaldehyde and Paraformaldehyde (EHS 04-007)


Glass Disposal Guidelines (EHS 03-018)

Hazard Communication Program (EHS 04-002)
Hazardous Waste (EHS 04-004)
Helium Guidelines (EHS 04-035)
High Hazard Gases Guidelines (EHS 04-021)
HPAI Guidelines (EHS 05-024)
Hot Work Program Guidelines (EHS 02-007)
Hydrofluoric Acid (EHS 04-010)
Hydrogenation Reactions Guidelines (EHS 04-027)

Incidents and Injuries (EHS 01-003)
Indoor Air Quality (EHS 01-005)
Infectious Material, Reporting Exposure to Potentially Infectious Material (EHS 05-005)
Infectious and Biohazardous Waste Disposal (EHS 05-006)
Injury of Student(s), Faculty and Staff Response to (EHS 01-015)



Japanese Encephalitis SOP (EHS 05-021)

Laboratory Attire (EHS 03-001)
Laboratory Electrical Equipment (EHS 03-016)
Laboratory Management Plan (EHS 04-033)
Laboratory Safety Survey Program (EHS 03-007)
Laboratories, Controlling Chemical Exposures (EHS 04-005)
Laboratories, Working Alone in (EHS 03-020)
Laser Disposal (EHS 06-002)
Laser Safety Program (EHS 06-001)
Lentivirus (EHS 05-016)
Lithium-Ion Battery (EHS 02-009)
Lithium Battery / Cell Shipping (EHS 03-027)


Magnetic Safety (EHS 03-005)
Measles Protection (EHS 05-012)
Mercury Handling and Spill Clean Up (EHS 03-014)
Microbiology Lab Guidelines (EHS 05-027)
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome SOP (EHS 05-026)
Moving Equipment From Biological Laboratories Guidelines (EHS 03-011)

Nanotechnology Research Guidelines (EHS 03-019)
Neisseria Meningitidis SOP (EHS 05-019)
Nitric Acid, Working with (EHS 04-026)

Office Safety (EHS 01-004)
Oxygen Gas Sensor Alarms (EHS 03-021)


Performing Arts and Special Events (EHS 01-013)
Peroxide Formers (EHS 04-006)
Personal Protective Equipment (EHS 01-011)
Pets in the Workplace (EHS 01-020)
Picric Acid (EHS 04-011)
Piranha Solution, Safe Use of (EHS 04-034)
Phosgene (EHS 04-012)
Photographic Chemicals and Equipment (EHS 04-016)
Polyacrylamide Gel Disposal (EHS 04-024)
Pyrophoric Liquid Reagents Guidelines (EHS 04-031)



Rabies (EHS 05-014)
Radiofrequency Radiation Guidelines (EHS 03-022)
Refrigerant Leak Response (EHS 01-018)
Reproductive Hazards (EHS 04-009)
Research Registration for Animal and rDNA Protocols (EHS 05-009)
Respiratory Protection Program (EHS 07-001)
Residence Halls (EHS 01-009)
Roof Safety (EHS 01-021)


Safety Engineered Sharps Device Initiative (EHS 05-008)
Safety Equipment (EHS 03-003)
SDS (Safety Data Sheet)/Sample/Glossary (EHS 04-003)
Select Agent Program (EHS 05-010)
Serum Surveillance Program (EHS 05-011)
Sharps Disposal Guidelines (EHS 05-007)
Shipping (EHS 03-004)
Shop Safety and Training in Academic Departments (EHS 01-016)
Signage (EHS 03-002)
Silica, Respirable Crystalline (EHS 07-002)
Smoking (EHS 01-006)



Tent Safety (EHS 01-021)
Transport of Specimens Between Pitt Research Facilities (EHS 03-017)
Tuberculosis Protection in Research (EHS 05-013)


Vaccinia Virus (EHS 05-015)
Visitors to Animal Research Facilities(EHS 05-025)
Waste Disposal, Chemical Waste Guidelines (EHS 04-018)
Waste Disposal, Chemotherapeutic-Antineoplastic (EHS 03-013)
Waste Disposal, Infectious and Biohazardous (EHS 05-006)
Waste Handling for Construction Projects (EHS 01-023)

Welding and Cutting Guidelines (EHS 02-008)


Yellow Fever Virus SOP (EHS 05-020)