Nanoscale Fabrication Characterization Facility Cleanroom

Target Audience: Required training for authorized persons to enter the NFCF Cleanroom, which is located in Benedum hall Room SB 60-63 and provides various NanoScale functions. Prior to completing this online training, the NFCF General Training online module should be completed as a prerequisite. To find out if the NFCF has equipment you may need, please visit the NFCF website

Description: This training includes entry procedures, safety procedures, PPE, engineering controls, chemical safety, and chemical waste handling. 

Availability: Online only

Online Training: Online NFCF training is approximately 60 minutes in duration. Click the button below to access the online EH&S Nanoscale Fabrication Characterization Facility training. 

Nanoscale Fabrication Characterization Facility Cleanroom Training ►