Biological Waste Supplies and Pickup Schedule

Pickup Schedule

EH&S arranges for the weekly pickup and transport of biological waste materials from various University locations on the Pittsburgh Campus. The weekly pickup is conducted every Thursday starting at 8:00 AM and proceeds until completion. In the event that a University holiday falls on a pickup day, the pickup will be rescheduled on a case-by-case basis (usually the preceding Wednesday).

Disposal Supplies

  • BIOLOGICAL WASTE BOXES: EH&S supplies biological waste boxes free of charge at the various weekly University pickup locations (see below) or to specific users upon request. University drivers will deliver boxes on biological waste pickup days. The use of these boxes is REQUIRED for the proper transport and disposal of all biological waste.
  • BIOLOGICAL WASTE BAGS: Red biological waste bags can be purchased through the Dietrich School Scientific Stockroom by calling 412-624-8551 (or 412-624-4260) and providing a Pitt Account number. The stockroom will deliver the bags directly. These bags are sized to fit the large University-supplied biological waste boxes. If biological waste bags are purchased from an alternate source, the bags must meet ASTM D1709-04 and D1922-06a test criteria, must be labeled with the biohazard symbol, and should be red or orange in color.
  • SHARPS CONTAINERS: Sharps containers can be purchased through Fisher Scientific or another vendor of choice.
  • PITT BIOLOGICAL WASTE LABELS (for BIOLOGICAL WASTE BOXES): EH&S provides University-specific biological waste labels free to University users upon request. Labels can be delivered by University drivers on biological waste pickup days, sent by campus mail, or picked up at the EH&S office (Jerome Cochran Public Safety Building 4th Floor, 3412 Forbes Avenue).
  • SMALL BIOLOGICAL SPILL KITS AND DISINFECTANTS (e.g., Lysol and Clorox Bleach)These are available for purchase through the Facilities Management Stockroom by calling 412-383-3191 (or 412-383-3192) and providing a Pitt Account number. The stockroom will deliver them to the caller.

Preparation of Biological Waste for Disposal

Please refer to the Infectious Waste Disposal SOP in the University Safety Manual for proper preparation, labeling, and packaging of biological materials for disposal.

Weekly University Biological Waste Pickup Locations

  • Clapp-Langley-Crawford
  • Victoria Hall
  • BST3
  • Salk Hall
  • Salk Pavilion
  • Parran Hall
  • Benedum Hall (Loading Dock)
  • Chevron Science Center
  • Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • Bridgeside Point
  • Bridgeside Point 2
  • McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Orthopedic Research Lab (Water Street)
  • Neuromuscular Research Lab (Water Street)
  • Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion 
  • The Assembly


Call (412) 624-9505 to schedule a pickup from the following buildings:

  • Trees Hall
  • 3343 Forbes Ave.
  • 3512 Fifth Ave.
  • Field House
  • Keystone Building
  • Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (South Side Training Facility)
  • Bellefield Professional Building
  • Oak Hill Commons
  • Petersen Olympic Sports Complex
  • Old Engineering Hall
  • Sennott Square
  • Sterling Plaza
  • Schenley Place (4420 Bayard Street)