Lab Responsibilities

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for the health and safety of all laboratory personnel working under their authority. PIs may delegate safety duties, but must ensure delegated duties are performed and safety obligations are fulfilled.

Understanding Hazards
Each laboratory has its own unique set of hazards. Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification is a fundamental function for PIs in any laboratory. PIs must determine and document safe procedures and necessary controls. Refer to the Laboratory Self-Audit Checklist to assist you in evaluating your lab and to help maintain a safe laboratory.

Laboratory Security
Laboratory security is a responsibility of the PI. The laboratory and the associated chemical and biohazardous materials must be secure from unauthorized access

Laboratory Training
PIs are required to assure appropriate training of laboratory personnel for each work assignment or laboratory task/procedure.  

Laboratory Signage and Emergency Communication
The maintenance of current contact information and hazard signs on lab doors is critical for emergency response personnel. To request door signage visit:  Lab Door Signage Requests

  • Any faculty or staff injury must be reported.
  • Any identified emergency situations on campus should be reported to Pitt Police.

Laboratory Chemicals Authorization
When purchasing chemicals using Pitt's P-card a Laboratory Chemical Authorization letter must be completed to validate that the purchaser has the chemical inventory on file with EH&S.

Investigator Departure
Departing investigators should review the Checklist for Investigators Leaving the University and complete the Departing Investigator Form.