Chemical Hygiene

Target Audience: Chemical Hygiene Training is required for employees working in University of Pittsburgh laboratories where chemicals are being used.

Description: This training meets the requirements of the OSHA Standard on "Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories" (29CFR 1910.1450) and the University's requirements for Chemical Hygiene training. Additional safety training by your Department, Principal Investigator, or Lab Supervisor is also required to address the specific protocols or hazards in your laboratory. This training must be documented. Additional safety training should also be conducted as new chemicals, processes, and/or equipment are introduced.

Training Requirements: Initial training must be completed prior to any work in a laboratory that may expose a worker to chemicals. Chemical Hygiene training is required tri-annually.

Available: Live session or online training 

Online Training ISER

Pitt and non-Pitt personnel can complete chemical hygiene training through Pitt's Health Sciences ISER training system ( Click the link to access the ISER training site. You can create an account or login with your HSConnect account.

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Online Training - EH&S

Click the button below to access the online EH&S Chemical Hygiene training. You will be prompted to login using your Pitt user name and password.

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