Biological Waste Disposal

EH&S is responsible for the management of regulated wastes at Pitt. No lab chemicals or untreated biological wastes should be placed in general trash, flushed down drains or otherwise inappropriately disposed. Contact EH&S at 412-624-9505 with questions regarding proper disposal procedures.

All biological, infectious, and chemotherapeutic waste that is generated at the University must be decontaminated and disposed of properly. No infectious wastes are permitted to leave the premises or control of the Principal Investigator without first being decontaminated to ensure that they present no harm to others or the environment.

All biological waste must be placed in a red biological waste bag. Once full, seal/close the biological waste bag and place it into a biological waste box. All biological waste boxes must be labeled with a University biological waste label. Please do not use biological waste bags, boxes or labels for chemical waste.

Infectious Waste/Biohazardous Waste Disposal Guidelines (PDF)
Sharps Disposal Guidelines (PDF)
Biological Waste Supplies & Pickup Schedule