Laser Safety

Program Description

Pitt has designated a laser safety officer (LSO) to monitor and enforce the control of laser hazards and to effect the knowledgeable evaluation and control of laser hazards for all circumstances of operation, maintenance, and service of Class 3b and Class 4 laser systems. As such, the objectives of the University of Pittsburgh Laser Safety Program are to:

  • Identify potential hazards to health and safety associated with lasers, laser systems, and laser operations and to prescribe suitable means for the evaluation and control of these hazards
  • Investigate all laser accidents and institute immediate corrective action to prevent reoccurrence
  • Provide guidance for compliance with Federal regulations
  • Make specific reference to such regulations where appropriate

Acquisition/Setup of Lasers at Pitt:

Laser Purchase Approval

All Laser purchases must be approved by the Laser Safety Officer. Contact EH&S for guidance before submitting your purchase requisition at

Register Laser

Register Laser

Registraton is REQUIRED for all class 3b and class 4 lasers

Create a Laser SOP

Complete Laser SOP

An SOP must be written for each class 3b and class 4 laser.
Use the Laser SOP template.

Complete Training

All laser users must complete Laser Safety Training