Universal Waste (used lamps, bulbs, batteries)

EH&S is responsible for the management of regulated wastes at Pitt. No lab chemicals or untreated biological wastes should be placed in general trash, flushed down drains or otherwise inappropriately disposed. Contact EH&S at 412-624-9505 with questions regarding proper disposal procedures.

Federal regulations identify four categories of materials that can be managed as Universal Waste: lamps/bulbs, batteries, pesticides, and mercury-containing equipment.

Lamps/bulbs - Facilities Management is responsible for used bulb recycling in the Pittsburgh Campus. Visit fm.pitt.edu/recycling for more information.

Batteries - Tape terminals on all batteries except AAA-, AA- C-, and D-sized alkaline batteries and collect in a cardboard box/container. Affix completed "WASTE CHEMICALS" label. Label as "Universal Waste Batteries". Separate batteries by type when applicable. Contact EH&S to schedule a pick up (412-624-9505).

Pesticides and Mercury containing Equipment - Contact EH&S to schedule a pick up (412-624-9505).